will grimace for appearance

how unpleasant wait and see can get...


the spitting image to your left.


the crazy beaver face of Ion.

the pure horror in Orelian's eyes.

what is Vincent hiding behind his golden hair?


a lot of unsolved mysteries behind that picture.

leave it to your unimagineness.

unfaithfully yours,


make that forbidding sound

s o s - is a collaboration between

Siglinde vicious (bass/vocals)
been Orelian (lyrics/vocals)
Simon handle (guitars/arrangement)


click on the picture to reveal the video to make that forbidding sound of 'ma fille du sort'!

been Orelian

these skeletons are not for you

it is a dystopian look at love. although not making a real commitment either, but to create perfect beings and their surrealistic worlds in words and sounds, WarHoles are not sticking their necks too far out there, being aware this is definitely something miss lou and WarHoles have in common.


if you made it this far by reading this first paragraph allow me to write the following statement in conclusion: we are looking really forward to meet this unususal artist in a very soon lately future in a distance close, close nigh.

may the fourth be with you!





may 8th, /w rebecca lou & band, fluc, vienna - eventlink

ripped away by the wave

if you are blue and don't know where to go
why don't you go where our waves will rip you away
putting on the rhiz... pun intended!

apr 19th, /w vodoo beach & zinn, rhiz, vienna - eventlink

the joy of mixing

in the darkroom of artistic conspiracy we are still not done with what lies before us.


but look: the dotted socks are matching the oriental carpet beneath the feet.


still this is all fiction, but as well the place to be for our sweet vacation.


in the attic of our skull...


the dystopian utopia.

and that's a wrrrrrap!

the recording phase for our new album is officially over!


see you soon...

studio diary, day 6

I wanna be the princess and play cajón!

studio diary, day 5

holyholyholyholy or was it hornyhornyhornyhorny?


surely you've already figured it out, haven't you?

studio diary, day 4

we are getting some first edits...

studio diary, night 2

it is called field recording... if it don't know you it won't know you either!