ripped away by the wave

if you are blue and don't know where to go
why don't you go where our waves will rip you away
putting on the rhiz... pun intended!

apr 19th, /w vodoo beach & zinn, rhiz, vienna - eventlink

the joy of mixing

in the darkroom of artistic conspiracy we are still not done with what lies before us.


but look: the dotted socks are matching the oriental carpet beneath the feet.


still this is all fiction, but as well the place to be for our sweet vacation.


in the attic of our skull...


the dystopian utopia.

and that's a wrrrrrap!

the recording phase for our new album is officially over!


see you soon...

studio diary, day 6

I wanna be the princess and play cajón!

studio diary, day 5

holyholyholyholy or was it hornyhornyhornyhorny?


surely you've already figured it out, haven't you?

studio diary, day 4

we are getting some first edits...

studio diary, night 2

it is called field recording... if it don't know you it won't know you either!

studio diary, day 1

and we're off! album #2 is officially in production. for more diary entries visit our instagram profile @warholes_band

bah humbug!

this is the mid-winter psych fest, the great swan song for the end of this year. why let it end so quietly? we are not ready to go into hiding yet. let us turn up the heat one more time with feeling.

come and see us!

dec 20th, kramladen, vienna

the constant holiday tour

WarHoles are joining the canadian band dearly beloved on their constant holiday tour 2018 through europe for the following dates:

nov 22 - vienna (aut), weberknecht

nov 23 - klagenfurt (aut), mammut bar

nov 24 - feldbach (aut), glam

nov 25 - linz (aut), culturcafé smaragd

nov 26 - passau (ger), zauberberg

nov 28 - stuttgart (ger), gabys gruft

nov 30 - budweis (cz), velbloud
dec 01 - prague (cz), balada bar