bah humbug!

this is the mid-winter psych fest, the great swan song for the end of this year. why let it end so quietly? we are not ready to go into hiding yet. let us turn up the heat one more time with feeling.

come and see us!

dec 20th, kramladen, vienna

the constant holiday tour

WarHoles are joining the canadian band dearly beloved on their constant holiday tour 2018 through europe for the following dates:

nov 22 - vienna (aut), weberknecht

nov 23 - klagenfurt (aut), mammut bar

nov 24 - feldbach (aut), glam

nov 25 - linz (aut), culturcafé smaragd

nov 26 - passau (ger), zauberberg

nov 28 - stuttgart (ger), gabys gruft

nov 30 - budweis (cz), velbloud
dec 01 - prague (cz), balada bar

the sleepless and the showdown

WarHoles will be playing two shows this autumn. not least because of celebrating the second anniversary of their debut record 'trouble beautiful trouble', but to go boldly where WarHoles have not gone before...


w/ sleep.less at p.m.k. innsbruck, sat 27th oct - tickets here











w/ la perla bandits & contact high at music house, sat 10th nov - box office only!












two more

to call encore

to fill a room with strangers

the head bent

soaring to

the crazy chorus
and dance to dance

for the voice you hear


jun 21st, das bach, vienna

jun 23rd, club wakuum, graz (styria)


been Orelian made a musical trip with Simon Handle from Sleep.Less.


for your ecstatic pleasure only!


<click on the image to hear the song syrinx>

the anticipated resurfacing

and so it was, we crossed the border, out of the elevator,

and back into the lime of light, some shows ahead us,
Ion and I smoked, while Vincent kept his eyes closed,

we listened to the people entering the vault.


we have come down from the soggily basement
we have travelled with the visions of bold reinvention

we have traversed the prospects and their strangeness

entering one of your majestic cities

to be with you this or the other night.

our plans so far:

apr 30th, weberknecht, vienna 

may 10th, szigony, hungary

jun 23rd, club wakuum, graz (styria)

devil's roadtrip

as the new year is loosing its novelty our shapes are getting more and more visible to your eyes and what we will transform into.


still we keep it to ourself. only letting you away with the avouchment to be thrilled.


for starters we are joining the devil's roadtrip as special guests.

last dates in 2017

this is it for 2017... however that may be!

but do not burst out crying we still have 3 dates left for you out there to see us.


so do not lose your opportunity to experience us in the wild.


nov 8th, fluc (vienna)
nov 17th, b72 (vienna)

nov 25th, club wakuum (graz)




the game

to celebrate our second anniversary, we have placed seven tags all around vienna for you to find.

find one of the individual band member's tags, snap a picture and message us via facebook or and win a prize of your choice:
- trouble beautiful trouble vinyl
- trouble beautiful trouble cd
- t-shirt
every item comes with our catchy canvas bag.

find the one specially hidden collective tag, follow the same instructions and get your personel living room session.

every few days up until the next WarHoles show on july 19th, we'll post more detailed videos of clues to find the tags.


take an open minded walk through one of the world's most vibrant cities and find yourself some beautiful trouble.

in a fair world

I would have been drowned in a bathtub


- been Orelian


<click on image to reveal hidden link>