date event location tickets
2018 tba    

two more

to call encore

to fill a room with strangers

the head bent

soaring to

the crazy chorus
and dance to dance

for the voice you hear


jun 21st, das bach, vienna

jun 23rd, club wakuum, graz (styria)

eventually we come in peace

trouble has been brought to...

date event location
Jun 23, 2018 Desertations w/ Ultima Radio, From Another Mother club wakuum, Graz
Jun 21, 2018 LNDMR w/ Black Bones dasBach, Vienna
May 10, 2018 w/ DLRM, Ultima Radio Szigony, Hungary
Apr 30, 2018 Guertel Connection #5 Weberknecht, Vienna
Feb 08, 2018 Devil's Roadtrip 2018 w/ Swanmay, Timestone Kramladen, Vienna
Nov 25, 2017 Desertations w/ Lambda, Jesus Overdrive club wakuum, Graz
Nov 17, 2017 w/ The Amazons B72, Vienna
Nov 08, 2017 w/ Fat Fox fluc, Vienna
Oct 20, 2017 Funny Freaky Friday w/ Ultima Radio Roter Gugl, Leitersdorf
Sep 29, 2017 w/ Ultima Radio, Monsters of the Ordinary Chelsea, Vienna
Sep 22, 2017 w/ Swanmay, Joe Kowalski & the Sex Detectives Lu15, Tübingen (Ger)
Aug 20, 2017 w/ Japandroids B72, Vienna
Apr 19, 2017 ROLA MUSIC birthday party Rhiz, Vienna
Feb 15, 2017 w/ Death Valley Girls, DIVES dasBach, Vienna
Dec 22, 2016 w/ Pink Moon, sleep.less Viper Room, Vienna
Dec 17, 2016 w/ Baits Bunker, Graz
Dec 03, 2016 IAM Labelnight w/ Swanmay, Pink Moon, Fall For Ivy, Lionator Central, Linz
Nov 05, 2016 w/ Baits Local, Vienna
Nov 01, 2016 w/ Sorry Holka Cross Club, Prague
Oct 29, 2016 w/ Baits Trickster, Berlin
Oct 28, 2016 w/ Baits B12, Leipzig
Sep 23, 2016 trouble beautiful trouble release show w/ Vicious, DJ Monsieur Smoab dasBach, Vienna
Jun 30, 2016 w/ Flamura Rosie Club Wakuum, Graz
May 26, 2016 w/ Hugo Race And The True Spirit Fluc, Vienna
May 25, 2016 Rock am Teich 2016 w/ Madox, Mind Control, Ophites Lake, Jaidhof
Apr 16, 2016 Rock OH City 2016 w/ The Sepp Juniors, Six Ma'am, Kitty Cat and the Ugly Heads, 15GB Sägewerk, Offenhausen
Feb 11, 2016 w/ Los Camareros, Steam Bull Sonic, Der Arne und die anderen, Donkey Shot Viper Room, Vienna
Jan 27, 2016 w/ Der Arne und die anderen Chelsea, Vienna
Aug 20, 2015 w/ Chick Quest Chelsea, Vienna
Jun 25, 2015   Café Carina, Vienna