date event location tickets
Sep 22nd, 2017 /w Swanmay Lu15, Tübingen (Germany)  
Sep 28th, 2017 Ultima Radio Album Release, w/ Monsters Of The Ordinary Chelsea, Vienna 10€
Oct 20th, 2017 Funny Freaky Friday w/ Ultima Radio Roter Gugl, Leitersdorf (Styria)  
Nov 17th, 2017 w/ The Amazons B72, Vienna  16€
Nov 25th, 2017  tba Club Wakuum, Graz (Styria)  

new date in 2o17

Feb 15, 2o17

WarHoles support Death Valley Girls at dasBach; w/ DIVES

eventually we come in peace

trouble has been brought to...

date event location
Aug 20, 2017 w/ Japandroids B72, Vienna
Apr 19, 2017 ROLA MUSIC birthday party Rhiz, Vienna
Feb 15, 2017 w/ Death Valley Girls, DIVES dasBach, Vienna
Dec 22, 2016 w/ Pink Moon, sleep.less Viper Room, Vienna
Dec 17, 2016 w/ Baits Bunker, Graz
Dec 03, 2016 IAM Labelnight w/ Swanmay, Pink Moon, Fall For Ivy, Lionator Central, Linz
Nov 05, 2016 w/ Baits Local, Vienna
Nov 01, 2016 w/ Sorry Holka Cross Club, Prague
Oct 29, 2016 w/ Baits Trickster, Berlin
Oct 28, 2016 w/ Baits B12, Leipzig
Sep 23, 2016 trouble beautiful trouble release show w/ Vicious, DJ Monsieur Smoab dasBach, Vienna
Jun 30, 2016 w/ Flamura Rosie Club Wakuum, Graz
May 26, 2016 w/ Hugo Race And The True Spirit Fluc, Vienna
May 25, 2016 Rock am Teich 2016 w/ Madox, Mind Control, Ophites Lake, Jaidhof
Apr 16, 2016 Rock OH City 2016 w/ The Sepp Juniors, Six Ma'am, Kitty Cat and the Ugly Heads, 15GB Sägewerk, Offenhausen
Feb 11, 2016 w/ Los Camareros, Steam Bull Sonic, Der Arne und die anderen, Donkey Shot Viper Room, Vienna
Jan 27, 2016 w/ Der Arne und die anderen Chelsea, Vienna
Aug 20, 2015 w/ Chick Quest Chelsea, Vienna
Jun 25, 2015   Café Carina, Vienna